Delipack export

Exportadora Delifruit S.A. was created in 2005. Exportadora Delifruit S.A is aimed at exporting agricultural production, mainly fresh fruit, to various international markets such as the U.S., Europe, SEA and Latin America.

In 2014 comercial area and industrial area were together, as a single Company.

We owe our success to our ability to listen to our clients and swiftly translate their needs into clear guidelines for our productive base, thus achieving efficiency in our processes and high quality in products. This is how we make the difference and how we keep being successful.

Also, a clear and simple strategy focused in consumer’s satisfaction has allowed us to structure and align different stages of the productive process, making easier the development, enhancement and creation of the basis for future growth.

Delifruit has a strongly functional, light and agile organizational structure, which allows for the ideal coordination in decision-making and the execution of operations with the high performance standards that fresh fruit requires.