El Delirio Farm

Our farms are located in the sixth region, adjoining the communes of Requínoa and Rengo 107 km. South of Santiago. They correspond to flat alluvial soils of medium textures, irrigated abundantly by waters from the first section of the Cachapoal River.

The climate is warm temperate, with cold winters and dry summers, where the winter precipitations can reach 400mm. Coihues, Compostela, Rosario and Delirio constitute a single unit of 700 hectares under the name of Fundo el Delirio S.A.

The mechanization of processes such as irrigation and pruning, new table grape plantations in Open Gable structure, the incorporation of mechanisms and equipment to control winter frosts, and the use of orchard coverings with different purposes (modify harvest dates , protect it from rain etc.); obey the needs to make the production adjustments to meet the strategic objectives of Delifruit.

On the same line of action, the incorporation of third-party producers is based, which, being located in different geographical areas of the Metropolitan and Sixth regions, possess differentiated soil, climatic and productive attributes that transform them into key pieces to the necessary complement that defines our strategy.