Vertical integration

The exploitation of the lands of Fundo El Delirio estate began with the inception of the 20th century, and as of 1943 the Domínguez Covarrubias family turns these lands into the workplace that is shared by its over 300 descendants.

Continuing their ancestors’ tradition, some members of the Domínguez Covarrubias family, along with direct relatives, founded in 2005 companies Fundo el Delirio S.A. and Exportadora Delifruit Ltda., and in 2010 company Delipack S.A.

These 3 companies are the result of a vertically integrated unit that throughout the years has concentrated in the production, processing and export of its products and those of third parties to various markets.

Near 1.5 million boxes are produced In Fundo el Delirio’s parcels. One hundred thousand of such boxes correspond to Cherries, 650 thousand to stone fruits (plums, nectarines and peaches), 650 thousand to table grapes and 100 thousand to kiwis.

Producing fresh fruit is an art that Fundo el Delirio has successfully accomplished thanks to constant innovation and the incorporation of new technologies answering to a demand that is both exacting and high.


Delipack S.A. was born in April, 2010, aimed at fruit processing. In August that year, the new company purchased the facilities of Planta de Agroindustrias Nacionales (National Agricultural Industries Plant).

As of that date, the facilities have been constantly equipped with top-of-line machinery so as to have available all the processes our products require. The plant is located in the borough of Requinoa, 100 km south of Santiago, close to Fundo El Delirio.
Delipack Logo


Exportadora Delifruit Ltda. was born in 2005 with a view to exporting the agricultural production, mainly fresh fruit, to various international markets such as the U.S., Europe, SEA and Latin America.

In 2014 comercial area and industrial area were together, as a single Company.

The basis and manner in which the company operates have contributed not only to Delifruit’s success, but also to the fact that -besides commercializing fruit of our own production-, we are including other producers who share our vision.
They enable us to offer more and better options to our clients around the world, and we wish to grow and progress with them.