Vision / Mission

Our business vision is that of integrating the chain from the orchard till our clients’ tables, with the best fruit in the market produced in our land. In order to accomplish the latter, we work thus:

  1. Developing professional liaisons and personal interaction with our clients and suppliers, so as to create the necessary liaisons to share in and achieve our Mission.
  2. Implementing new technologies, and in so doing it, achieving high production and efficiency that enables us to accomplish an economic yield for our Company, and with the latter the economic, social, cultural and spiritual growth of all company workers.


To reach our clients’ tables with reliable products of the highest standards and with a focus on:

  1. Producing the biggest possible quantity of high-quality fruit, in order to reach anywhere worldwide while being sustainable in time. To do that, we maintain good relations with our workers and employees, and we look after the natural resources, such as water, air and soil.
  2. Providing customer satisfaction through an experience of colors, textures, flavors and aromas; with a strong social and environmental commitment in all processes involved.